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Step by Step Guide to Convert OST File to PST File Manually

OST file is automatically created when we connected MS Outlook client to MS Exchange Server. OST (.offline storage table) files allow users to work in offline mode, that is, when there is less or no network connectivity available. And when network connection gets connected, OST files get synchronized with the user mailbox on MS Exchange Server. To migrate OST file out of MS Exchange Server environment, manual conversion from OST to PST has to be performed such that all the mail items including Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Contacts, Calendar Entries, Tasks, Journals, Posts, Appointments, Drafts, Meeting Requests, and Notes, etc. can be accessed without connecting to MS Exchange Server.

Need for performing manual OST to PST conversion occur in case user’s account on MS Exchange Server got accidentally deleted or corrupted, MS Exchange Server downtime, Server crash, database corruption and more etc.

Note: Be assure before performing manual OST to PST conversion process, MS Outlook must be installed on the local computer system connected to MS Exchange Server.

Now follow the steps to Convert OST to PST file manually (I assume we are using MS Office 2003 Professional Edition):

  1. Open MS Outlook
  2. Click the File menu.
  3. Select the “Import and Export” wizard or press ‘t’.
  4. From the list, click the “Export to a file” option and then click Next button.
  5. Select Personal File Folder (.pst) and then click Next button.
  6. Selected items to be exported or Click on parent root and check the Include sub-folders option.
  7. Browse and select the target folder for saving the email items.
  8. Click the Finish button.

We perform OST to PST Conversion task manually; it is only be possible when user is connected to MS Exchange Server. And when the user gets disconnected from MS Exchange Server or in case MS Exchange Server got damaged, then you need a third party application to perform OST to PST conversion process.

If the above process did not help you or you are unable to perform such operation, In that case I would recommend user to try the Free Trial version of OST to PST Converter software. In Free version you can repair ost file if it is corrupted and convert ost to pst emails. And recovered or Converted emails you can see in preview items but you cannot saved it. If you are completely satisfied with software capability, you need to purchase the software license.

You can download this software from here:  images


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Steps to Export OLM File to PST file Manually

I was trying to export my Mac Outlook mailbox, and to my disappointment, it can only export to a olm file. In the other hand, Windows Outlook only understand pst file. For some reason, Microsoft does not allow export Mac Outlook and import to Windows Outlook.

So, here is the work around. The idea is create an intermediate IMAP mail client to transfer Mac Outlook email to Windows Outlook email.

Setup IMAP mail account

1. Apply or use an existing IMAP mail account. GMail is one of them and this guide will use GMail as an example.
2. Just follow the wizard to create an GMail account. Log into the account after successful account creation


3. After log in, go to setting page


4. At setting page, go to Forward and POP/IMAP tab, enable IMAP. Then save the configuration


5. Also, near the configuration, click on Configure Instruction link to see how to set up IMAP on outlook. Here is the link. Follow Outlook 2007/2010 to setup IMAP at your Mac Outlook

Setup Mac Outlook with IMAP mail account

1. Open Mac Outlook, on your menu, go to Tools -> Account


2. At the Account page, click on the + -> E-mail


3. At the Add Email page, type in the account information base on the IMAP setting.


4. If you setup the IMAP account successfully, you will see your account listed on the Mail tab


Create Gmail Label and synchronize to Mac Outlook

1. Go to Gmail web interface, go to Setting -> Labels
2. Create a new label. Make sure the label is show and checkbox of “Show in IMAP” is checked.

3. Now go to Mac Outlook. Click on Send/Receive button to update IMAP mailbox

Moving Email to IMAP mailbox

1. At Mac Outlook, go to your desire emails, Right click -> Move -> Copy to Folder.
2. At the Copy page, type your IMAP folder name and click Copy.

3. Click Send/Receive to update your Mac Outlook IMAP folder or go to GMail to refresh the folder. You should see your email being synchronized to IMAP mailbox.

Moving Email from IMAP mailbox to Windows Outlook

1. Following Setup Mac Outlook with IMAP mail account to setup up IMAP at Windows Outlook. They are similar
2. Setup up your normal mail account that you want to import your IMAP mails.
3. Drag your IMAP mail to Windows Outlook Inbox folder.


If you want to skip all this process and perform such task easy, accurately and fast then go for a third party application. This application surely help you. You can download this application from here:   images

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