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How to Fix “Cannot be Accessed” Error in MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the most effective and popular tool to present and analyze data. It is used by both professionals and home users. Sometimes, it is often hard to find out the data it shows to generate usable information on regular basis. These days, users encounter several issues in Excel file. To deal with the common error “.xls cannot be opened”, users have designed their own methods, such as –

  • Backup the files and having multiple copies
  • Saving the files in other formats like .csv etc.
  • Paste data as values if you don’t need the formula
  • Hoping that the file will open well next time


There are different causes of Excel File corruption and why it goes inaccessible –

  • Unstable Macros – Macros may have several lines of code and they were used in data processing. They are basically error-free. But they may cause errors at some point. Excel calculates all the formulas after opening the file and before closing it. Any resource operation may crash the application or freeze it at any time.
  • Virus Attacks – If a file is attacked by malware, there are chances that antivirus may make it inaccessible due to cleaning and restoration jobs.
  • Dirty Shutdown – Excel automatically saves the file in a temporary form in case it is closed unexpectedly. Sometimes, the temporary version of the file cannot be restored.
  • Multiple Network Locations Used to Access the File – Accessing Excel File from several locations may disable editing from other file. If you are logged in from other computer on one network, you may not be able to edit the file.
  • File is opened in Another Computer – When you involve a network location, several permissions may be required. Even in case the file is saved and closed, it may show that the file is currently being used.


Tips to Prevent this Issue:

The methods discussed above are not the actual solutions per se. However, they are actually the idea on what you can expect. Here’s how to avoid these situations –

  • Don’t access the file from several network locations. If it is important, create a local copy to make changes, save changes on the system, and close the file. Copy the file and paste it to the desired location to overwrite it.
  • Make copies of the file and split the larger file whenever possible, month-wise or week-wise, whenever it gets larger in size.
  • If it is in .xls format and the current version is Excel 2007, convert the file (Office menu – Convert) to cut the file size.
  • If the file is read only or corrupt, save the file in XML format. Reopen the Excel file to convert the same.
  • Recheck the macro or formula and replace the resource formula with lighter variant.


How to Fix Them?

If your Excel file is inaccessible or corrupt, you should try the Free Trial version of Excel File Repair software. It is a professional tool to repair MS Excel files and restore all the references, formulas, charts, references etc. It is a handy tool that can repair .xls and .xlsx files while keeping the formatting, sheets, macros, and cell commands unaffected.

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