How to Fix “Cannot be Accessed” Error in MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the most effective and popular tool to present and analyze data. It is used by both professionals and home users. Sometimes, it is often hard to find out the data it shows to generate usable information on regular basis. These days, users encounter several issues in Excel file. To deal with the common error “.xls cannot be opened”, users have designed their own methods, such as –

  • Backup the files and having multiple copies
  • Saving the files in other formats like .csv etc.
  • Paste data as values if you don’t need the formula
  • Hoping that the file will open well next time


There are different causes of Excel File corruption and why it goes inaccessible –

  • Unstable Macros – Macros may have several lines of code and they were used in data processing. They are basically error-free. But they may cause errors at some point. Excel calculates all the formulas after opening the file and before closing it. Any resource operation may crash the application or freeze it at any time.
  • Virus Attacks – If a file is attacked by malware, there are chances that antivirus may make it inaccessible due to cleaning and restoration jobs.
  • Dirty Shutdown – Excel automatically saves the file in a temporary form in case it is closed unexpectedly. Sometimes, the temporary version of the file cannot be restored.
  • Multiple Network Locations Used to Access the File – Accessing Excel File from several locations may disable editing from other file. If you are logged in from other computer on one network, you may not be able to edit the file.
  • File is opened in Another Computer – When you involve a network location, several permissions may be required. Even in case the file is saved and closed, it may show that the file is currently being used.


Tips to Prevent this Issue:

The methods discussed above are not the actual solutions per se. However, they are actually the idea on what you can expect. Here’s how to avoid these situations –

  • Don’t access the file from several network locations. If it is important, create a local copy to make changes, save changes on the system, and close the file. Copy the file and paste it to the desired location to overwrite it.
  • Make copies of the file and split the larger file whenever possible, month-wise or week-wise, whenever it gets larger in size.
  • If it is in .xls format and the current version is Excel 2007, convert the file (Office menu – Convert) to cut the file size.
  • If the file is read only or corrupt, save the file in XML format. Reopen the Excel file to convert the same.
  • Recheck the macro or formula and replace the resource formula with lighter variant.


How to Fix Them?

If your Excel file is inaccessible or corrupt, you should try the Free Trial version of Excel File Repair software. It is a professional tool to repair MS Excel files and restore all the references, formulas, charts, references etc. It is a handy tool that can repair .xls and .xlsx files while keeping the formatting, sheets, macros, and cell commands unaffected.

Free Trial Version will show you the Preview of recovered data before saving. Download Now. 




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Why MP4 Files Go Corrupt? How to Fix It Permanently?

Mp4 is one of the most widely-used and trusted video formats. Like other video formats, MP4 is also vulnerable to corruption issues. Corruption in MP4 videos can take place in any form and due to any reason like virus, bad sector in storage device, improper transfer of file, recording videos in low battery, improper MP4 conversion, and using memory card in various devices. For any user, it is very annoying when they encounter with error messages when opening or accessing an important file.

For example, you have recorded an MP4 video on your camera. But while recording it, the camera just fell off your hand. But it kept on recording in normal mode. But when you try to play the video, it shows an error message instead of playing. You may have tried several attempts, but failed to open the file.


Why MP4 Videos Go Corrupt and Not Playing on Media Players?

  • Interruptions on transferring or downloading MP4 files like turning off the system suddenly, loss of network connection, power surge etc.
  • Insufficient memory space on SD card and storage devices when recording the video.
  • Showing error messages while recording the video on video recorders, smartphone or digital camera, due to improper power supply, turning off the gadget, and removal of external media from devices.
  • Virus attack to the storage media where MP4 file is stored by connecting it to the gadgets or computer with virus.
  • Other issues like CRC error, header corruption, presence of bad sectors on storage media, and converting the file to other video formats, etc.


How to Repair Corrupt MP4 Files?

Method 1 – Using VLC Player

  • Open VLC Player. In Media option, choose “Convert or Save”.
  • Add “Input files or streams” you want to transcode, press “Convert or Save”.
  • In “Convert window”, provide file name for destination file.
  • Choose desired Codec from profile list
  • Click on “Edit Selected Profile” button to edit or check a specific profile setting
  • You can also add a new profile or remove any existing one.
  • Press start.


Method 2 – Using MP4 Video Repair Tool

It is very reliable and most recommended MP4 repair software that can fix corrupt or inaccessible MP4 file. Along with it, the tool can also fix WMV, ASF, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, M4A and F4V  video formats which are damaged due to several reasons. It is a nice tool which recovers video and sound streams of corrupt MP4 files to settle all the issues to play MP4 videos. You can easily repair broken, truncated, and out-of-adjust MP4 videos which play halfway and are completely unsupported.  


There are several reasons behind corruption of MP4 files. MP4 Video Repair tool  is a very reliable and user-friendly. It extracts video and audio streams of inaccessible MP4 files to fix all corruption issues and forms a playable video file. In addition, this tool can also repair out of sync, truncated, or broken MP4 files. Free Version will show you the preview of recovered videos which size is less than 10MB.

We recommend our user to use Free trial version, Free version will help you to take a decision, is it Good for you or Not.


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How to Split Oversized yet Heavy PST Files into Small PST Manually

Do you face any kind of issue with MS Outlook files? Because large and oversized PST files are hard to manage and cause troubles in PC performance and corruption issues, it is very important to split these up into several smaller, but manageable parts.

The file size limitation in Outlook PST is a serious matter of discussion for people using Outlook. When the size limit of PST file exceeds, it causes serious trouble related to performance of MS Outlook. Sometimes, PST files often get corrupt due to file size limitation. Hence, things go even worse.  Generally, MS Outlook uses two types of PST files – Unicode and ANSI. In older Outlook versions like 98 to 2002, ANSI PST file can store only around 2 GB of mailbox data. In newer versions, like from 2003 to 2016, Unicode PST file is used that extends the size limit from 20 GB to 50 GB.

If any of these formats exceed the size limit, the risk of corruption is significantly increased. Once PST file is corrupt, it causes serious loss of your important mailbox data, including contacts, emails, appointments, calendars, attachments and tasks. As an Outlook user, you have to ensure that PST files are not oversized.


Why PST File Exceeds Size Limit?

The whole mailbox content is stored in Outlook PST file. You may consider a PST file a jar. The more liquid you add in it, the less empty space is left. This way, the more emails you receive and send, the less the space is left for PST file. Within short time, you end up with no size limit and PST file goes corrupt. Duplicate items also take more space. It is another common reason why PST files exceed size limit so quicker. A duplicate item in Outlook can be anything, such as contact, email message, note etc. Like its original item, the size is also the same. For example, if PST file has up to 100 Outlook items of 100 MB along with duplicates, they will take around 200 MB of space.


To overcome this issue, you have two options. First of all, you can compact the file size in Outlook PST with Compact Now feature in MS Outlook. Next up, you can also split up PST file into several smaller parts to manage them easily. Luckily, you can perform both of these steps manually. You don’t have to use any third-party software.


Step by Step Guide to Split PST Data File Manually:

There are three built-in options in MS Outlook to transfer mailbox items from One PST file to another – Import & Export, Archive and Move to Folder. This way, Archive is the ideal way as it allows users create archive.pst file of the desired folder and subfolders.

  • In Outlook client, choose the desired PST file.
  • Click on File tab and Info. On the drop down menu, select Cleanup Tools
  • From the list, select Archive to open “Archive” dialog box. Check the “Archive this folder and all subfolders’ box.
  • Choose the mailbox folder to archive, such as Inbox. Choose “Archive Items Older Than” and “Browse” to save the new archive.pst file.
  • You can also rename the new archive.pst file. Click OK to proceed
  • You can choose any name to save the new file. It will list the selected location in edit box. Click on “OK” and create new file.


You may now check the new PST file which has all the emails you have got. “Move to Folder” and “Export & Import” are other features to transfer your mailbox items.

If you are still not comfortable with these steps, then i would suggest you to try the Third party Application, there is no technical skill is require to access this application. And you can perform this task in just few minutes. Download the free trial version to get free results.   images


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How to Remove Duplicate Outlook PST Files Manually?

Personal Storage Table (PST) is an Outlook data file that has size limitation which causes serious troubles to the user, i.e. from sluggish performance to corruption in email client. An oversized file is prone to corruption issues. It can slow Outlook client down and cause serious functioning and performance issues. Duplicate emails are the important reason behind excessive file size. Duplicate emails and other data occupy more space in Outlook PST file and it increase the file size. When Outlook data exceeds its file size limit (2 GB in ANSI PST format and 20 to 50 GB in Unicode PST format), Outlook email client works slower.

It causes serious performance issue and things go even worse. Corrupt mailbox may even cause loss of all your mailbox data. To overcome this problem, you have to remove duplicate items from your Outlook PST file to get your PST data manageable and to avoid corruption.

How Duplicate Items Created?

Duplicate items are likely to be anything, including contacts, emails, calendar, task, entry, and note along with attachment. A duplicate item requires actually the same size as the original mailbox item does. Here’s why duplicate items are stored in your mailbox –

  • When you receive several copies of an email over and over again from a recipient. Companies, these days, send same press releases, emails and newsletters etc. for business promotions these days. It forms duplicate items in mailbox.
  • Any interruption in synchronization process also causes duplicate items in data files. If the process goes wrong, duplicate items are likely to be occurred in mailbox.
  • Be sure to disable the “Leave Messages on the Server” option to avoid duplicate entries.
  • Be sure that the Outlook rules configuration is executed well, or you may have duplicate items in your mailbox. Be sure to apply “Move a Copy to” rule only once to a specific email message.
  • Sometimes PST merging also leads to duplication if it is not performed well.


Here’s How to Remove Duplicate PST files manually

When it comes to remove Outlook duplicate files, the manual operation is safe and quick. All you need to go through the following steps to remove duplicates –

  • Open MS Outlook client on your PC. Now you can choose folder to remove duplicate items
  • Go through “Change View” option on View tab
  • Replace ‘folder view’ into ‘table type view’. (On Manage Views… you can see the view mode, i.e. either table view or folder view).
  • Check view type on “Manage All Views” window. This way, you have to use these combinations of fields and views –
    • Contacts and phone list
    • Calendar and appointments
    • Inbox and messages
    • Notes and notes list
    • Journal and entry list
  • Right click column heading, click ‘Field Chooser’ in options
  • Choose the field from ‘Field Chooser
  • Drag down to table heading from Modified field
  • Be sure that duplicate items you have to remove have different date from the original items. Click modified heading to sort down the items.

Now choose the items you have to remove. Then click “Delete” button to remove the items permanently and save up some space.

And another way to Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails by Using Third Party Application.

If you are still not able to use manually process, i would recommend user to use a third party application. For using this application, there no need of any technical skill. This Outlook Duplicate Remover tool, will remove your emails in just few clicks. Just download the Free Trial version to access this application.    images


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Step by step Guide to Convert Windows Live Mail (EML) to PST File Manually

I am here to discussing about migrating emails from Windows Live Email (EML) to Outlook PST platform.  EML file format is supported by many email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook Express. To migrate this EML file to Outlook PST file which is supported by MS Outlook Email client. You can open PST file in Outlook and can access all of your emails.

Before starting the migration process I would recommend you to take the backup of EML to other place. By copying EML file and Paste it other place.

Follow the step by step instruction to convert Windows Live Mail to PST File

Step 1: Open Windows Live Mail client application on your system. Also, open Microsoft Outlook at the same time.

Step 2: Now click File tab > Export email > Email messages.


Step 3: On the Windows Live Mail Export wizard, select the format you want to export email to: Microsoft Exchange. Click Next to continue the process.


Step 4: A message will be appeared on your screen before the exporting process. Click OK to confirm it.


Step 5: Now select the mailbox folders you want to export to MS Outlook. Either you can select all folders or select a particular folder to export. Click OK to continue the process.


Step 6: The exporting process is being conducted on your system. Please wait until it gets successfully completed.


Step 7: Within a few seconds, the exporting process will be completed. Click Finish.


These above mansion steps will surely help you to convert Windows Live Mail (eml)to PST file. Sometimes it will take some times and some times user are unable to understand the instruction. For these types of user can access the third party application to convert EML to PST files. For access this application no technical skill is require. You can convert EML to PST file in just few clicks. User can use the Free trial version of this application to see the preview of all Converted Emails.    images


Note: Before performing any action I would again suggest you to take the backup of EML file.

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Step by Step Guide to Repair QuickBooks Database When the Company File is Unable to Open

quickbooksIf you are facing an error in opening a QuickBooks database file? If yes, then there may be a problem in your QuickBooks database file, which can even raise the problem to become data loss. As the QuickBooks database contains critical financial data, losing it would definitely become headache. In such cases, you should try to find the exact cause to recover corrupt QuickBooks file. If none of your tried methods succeed, then you should use a third-party QuickBooks repair tool to do the needful.

For example, If you are trying to open QuickBooks 2009 file but failed. The following error message is displayed:

“(-6000,-816): QuickBooks was unable to open the file because the file is in use. Another person may be in the process of opening this file.”



Such problems while opening a company file can happen because of the following reasons:

1.  QuickBooks may be having conflicts with the Auto-Protect Scanning feature of Symantec Endpoint Protection

2.  May be the file is in use by another application

3.  Corruption in QuickBooks files

4.  You have installed a third-party backup application that creates backup of files while they are open by some application.



For these mentioned reasons, you should perform the following methods to address the situation:

1.  Contact Symantec: You should contact Symantec about how to set the preferences to disable Auto-Protect Scanning feature.

2.  Repair QuickBooks file: You should perform the following steps to repair corrupt QuickBooks file:

3.  Restart your system.

4.  Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server and make sure that the company files shared folder is displayed in the following applet:

5.  “Folders that contain QuickBooks company files”

6.  Copy-paste the file from the server to your system.

7.  Now, open it in your system.

Close the file and copy to the same folder in the server by renaming the file.

Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server and scan the renamed file .

Now, open the file on the server from your system. It should open perfectly now.


If the above mentioned steps did not help you or you are facing difficulty in repairing damaged QuickBooks file. I would strongly recommend the third party application. You just try the Free Trial version of software to Repair Damaged QuickBooks Database. In Free version you are able to see the preview of Recover QuickBooks Data, for saving these data you need to purchase the full version license.


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Steps to Recover Corrupt PRIV, PRIV1, Pub & Pub1 edb and stm database files

As we know Exchange Database files are nothing more than the exact replica of user’s mailbox on MS Outlook. Moreover, this MS Exchange Server works in properly way with MS Outlook in exchange emails. And, each and every single email that is received or sent at the user’s end is primarily saved at server. Now, exchange server firstly save these emails at Exchange Database files that prove very helpful when you require dealing with accidental deletion of user mailbox.

It is very important that you manage your exchange server database properly. As an IT administrator you need to maintain a proper check upon your Information Store and at the same time validate its consistency. Now, every single storage group in an Exchange server normally includes one or more Mailbox and Public Folder stores. During installation, by default just one storage group gets created. With Exchange Server 2000 and 2003, every Mailbox store comprises a database set consisting of two files: ‘Priv1.edb’ and ‘Priv1.stm’.


Click to Enlarge the Image

The ‘Priv1.edb’ file is more like a rich-text database that primarily includes email messages, headers and text attachments corresponding to the messages. Moreover, this file also has streaming file ‘Priv.stm’ that majorly stores multi-media data like video, audio, images and other internet content files that is formatted as MIME data. The real issue with ‘Priv.edb’ file is its size keeps on increasing, which ultimately makes it susceptible of getting corrupt. In addition, Hard disk corruption and header corruption are other key causes accountable for corrupting the ‘Priv1.edb’ file. However, you don’t have to worry as there is a manual method to recover the corrupt Priv1.edb file.


Method: Recover Exchange EDB Files Manually
1.    First of all start the information store service and make a note of all the errors.
2.    Stop the information store service and then run the following commands from the ‘Bin’ folder:

“c:\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /mh ..\mdbdata\priv1.edb”

    3.   Now, you got to verify the ‘State’ line in the output. Just ensure that all the files are consistent. In case, you find any of the files inconsistent, conduct soft recovery. And, to perform such recovery, you just got to switch to the folder where the database and log files are located. After this, just ensure you run the following at the command prompt:

‘C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA>”C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN\eseutil” /r E00’image003

4.   Once again, it is important that you ensure the consistency of both the public information store and the private information store.
5.   If they are consistent, then skip the next step.

If you found the databases to be inconsistent, then it is important for you to do a hard repair. To do this, run the following commands:

‘C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA>”C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN\eseutil” /p priv1.edb’image004

‘C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA>”C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN\eseutil” /p pub1.edb’

6.   Now, it is important that you remove the log files from the ‘Mdbdata’ folder.
7.   Delete the ‘.chk’ file and the ‘Temp.edb’ file.
8.   Now, mount the databases and then, dismount them instantaneously.
9.   Finally, you got to stop the information store service and then defragment the public and private store databases as follows:

For Priv.edb:
C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN>eseutil /d
C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA\priv1.edb image005

For Pub.edb:
C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN>eseutil /d
C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA\pub1.edb

10.   Run the ‘Isinteg.exe’ utility just to ensure that each database is consistent.

‘C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\BIN>isinteg -s (servername) -fix -test alltests’image006
Restart the information store service.

However, after performing the manual process if you are not able to mount the database and access your precious emails, then you don’t have to worry. By taking help of a proficient third party exchange database recovery tool you can fix the issue very effectively. The application is very appropriate in repairing corrupt Exchange server database files, i.e. ‘Priv1.edb’ and ‘Pub1.edb’, and can help you retrieve the valuable user mailbox data. The competent tool can effectively restore emails, contacts, appointments, and other mailbox items. The software recreates the entire EDB database which can be mounted easily. There is no technical skill required to access this software, you just follow the instruction given by the software. Go through free version to recover emails from corrupt exchange edb file.

You can download this software from here:       images

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