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How to Repair PST file of MS Outlook Manually?

Microsoft Outlook actually a personal information manager from the Microsoft. Ms Outlook is a part of the Ms Office Suit commonly use as an email application. It includes some email items like calendar, tasks, contacts and other items.

Ms Outlook’s versions information

Outlook 2016 is a latest version of Ms Outlook includes in Office 2016. MS outlook saved data in two formats like .ost and .pst. Outlook 2002 its previous versions use ANSI file format to store Outlook mailbox data. The size limit of the outlook file is 2 GB which is saved in this format. And the other version of outlook includes 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 they stores data in the Unicode format as you can say, default format. Its storage capacity is 20 GB. MS Outlook 2016 can enlarge the file size to 50 GB. In the case of maximum file size limit reached then outlook file becomes damage or corrupted.

Reduce the size of a PST file as manual:

Manually it doesn’t reduce but still user can try this at once just after taking backup   of original file. If the files are deleted from the personal folder then it doesn’t change the size of the file unless you compress it. Let’s start the process-

  • Click the File menu, and then click Data File Management
  • Choose the file you want to compact, click on settings
  • Then click on the Compact Now

Some reasons of corruption are loss of data and inaccessibility of mailbox files in PST files are virus attack, power failure, damaged .pst file due to manual mistake, abrupt shut down of outlook, and fault in network device.

Scanpst.exe manual method: Location of file for accessing Scanpst.exe:

Outlook 97/98: drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Messaging\scanpst.exe
Outlook 2000: drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\<locale ID>\NT\scanpst.exe
Outlook 2002: drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\<locale ID>\scanpst.exe
Outlook 2003: drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\<locale ID&gt
Outlook 2007: drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12
Outlook 2010: drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
Outlook 2013: drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15

Step1. Follow the procedure to repair PST file Manually:

  • Enter name of the damage pst file, click on the browser button

  • After that click on the options button and select appropriate option
  • Click on Start for scanning the process
  • PST file will show within seconds
  • If you want to create a backup of scanned files, check Make backup of scanned file before repairing

  • Next click on the repair button, after few of time massage will shows of Repair complete


Step2. Recover data from repaired file to new PST file:

Executing Inbox Repair utility only scans and repairs corrupted file. After the recovering process is completed, user needs to recover data from repaired PST file. Recovered data then can be saved in new PST file. The procedure is as follows-

  • Open Ms Outlook and select repaired PST file.
  • Choose Folder List view from View tab.
  • Now display list of recovered personal folders- Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Calendar, Notes, Contacts and Tasks. Generally the folders are empty.
  • Now create a new PST file in your outlook. According to different outlook versions:-

Outlook 2010/2013File tab > Info tab > Account Setting > Account Settings > Data Files tab > Add > Enter file name > OK

Outlook 2007File tab > Data File Management > Office Outlook Personal Folders File (in Types of storage dialog box) > OK > Select location and enter file name of new PST file (in Create or Open Outlook Data File) > OK

Outlook 2003File > New > Personal Folders File > OK (Create or Open Outlook Data File dialog box opens) > Enter file name > OK (Create Microsoft Personal Folders dialog box opens) > Enter file name > OK

  • Move data items from Lost and Found folder to new PST file.
  • After dragging all the items, remove repaired PST file including Lost and Found folder.


Now here is an easy third party solution to the repair PST file of Ms Outlook by the Outlook PST Repair Software which helps to the repair of PST files of outlook. The software is easy to use and quickly recovers the PST files. Use Free Trial version to recover your Outlook PST File.

Munual Guide to Repair OST file

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Manual Guide to Repair Corrupt PST File with Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe)?

When mail has become the important medium of communication for professionals, the population of Outlook users is growing in each passing day. Outlook is the most popular and widely-used email client as it manages your emails very effectively. All the Outlook files are stored in Personal Storage Table (PST) file, such as emails, contacts, schedules etc.


But the only problem is that PST file has the storage limit of 2GB. Oversized PST files may lead to different errors. The size of PST files increases day by day. Outlook also gets slower and it needs more resources to finish the tasks. Sometimes, it shows an error “Couldn’t start MS Office Outlook. Couldn’t open Outlook Window” when opening MS Outlook application. It may show error either because of oversized or corrupt PST file.


Microsoft provides an Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) to deal with these errors. It is your first aid and an inbuilt repair tool. It comes with Outlook for free to repair your corrupt PST file. Initially, it attempts to scan the corrupt PST file that is stored in the hard drive locally to verify its file structure.


How to Use Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe)?

The tool also restores the file structure and rebuilds the header of the file if the structure is not intact. If you have 32-bit Windows, you can find scanpst.exe in Program Files. If you have 64-bit Windows, it is stored in Program Files (x86). Once the file is found, follow these steps to use this tool –

  • Before opening this Inbox Repair Tool, make sure the MS Outlook is Closed.
  • According to the Outlook and Windows version, look for the tool in default location and run scanpst.exe. You can also use Windows Search option if you cannot find the file at the default location.
  • Enter the PST file name that you want to repair or choose the file by Clicking “Browse” which lists all the files to be repaired.
  • To change the default process of creating new log file in scan process, to overwrite the existing file, or to create no log file, click on “Options”.
  • When you click “Start”, the tool will analyze the files and show the result.
  • If it shows error during the scan process, choose “Repair” and start the process. You can also change location and name of backup file which is created in this step.
  • Open Outlook application which consists of PST file that is repaired.
  • In Folder tab, go to Folder list view.


The “Recovered Personal Folder” in Folder pane consists of default mails. On the other side, the “Lost & Found Folder” consists of recovered mailbox files. In your profile, you need to create new PST file in the “Lost & Found Folder”.


What to Do If Inbox Repair Tool Doesn’t Work?

If Inbox Repair Tool doesn’t work at all, you can use the professional Outlook PST Repair tool. It is a complete repair solution that can restore all the damaged PST data without harming its original formatting. It can perform scanning and proper repair to access all the emails, contacts, attachments, calendars, journals, and responsibilities. You can easily view the repaired items after restoring PST file.

We recommend our user to use Free trial version, Free version will help you to take a decision, is it Good for you or Not. Free Trial Version will show you the Preview of recovered data before saving. Download Now. 

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Manual Guide to Repair Corrupt OST File Through Free Integrated Scanost.exe Tool

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email clients as it comes with a lot of exciting features. MS Outlook stores the email files and information in Personal Storage Table (PST) and Offline Storage Table (OST) files. As the name suggests, Offline Storage Table is the format which enables users to work in offline mode when Outlook is not connected to Exchange Server.

All the offline data is stored and created in OST format when working without connection with Exchange Server. The best part of Outlook is that it enables users to modify the content offline and save changes in OST file, which is synced once it is connected to the server.

Sometimes, users cannot connect to Exchange server when using Outlook due to various errors that are unidentified and unknown. There are several reasons responsible for this failure, such as hard drive failure, unexpected system shutdown, virus attack etc. which damage OST file. Once this file is corrupt or damaged, you cannot access it and sync with Exchange server properly. In that case, you should use scanost.exe which is an Integrity Check Tool that comes with Outlook for free.


By default, this tool is located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office_version. It performs integrity check of OST file. The best thing is that this tool doesn’t alter the hierarchy of mailbox. All it does is scanning the corrupt OST mailbox and attempts to fix the synchronization problems in OST file. It recreates the header of data file and resets the structure of the file to repair offline data. Make sure Outlook is connected to the server to start this tool. Here’s how to use this tool –

  • Close MS Outlook if it is open.
  • Browse scanost.exe at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office_version
  • Open scanost.exe
  • It will prompt you to choose a profile as per your setting in MS Outlook. Choose a profile which consists of corrupt file.
  • It has two options “Work Offline” and “Connect”. You have to click “Connect”.
  • Choose the “Repair Error” checkbox to repair the error with this tool. It will create a scan log without repairing it if you don’t select this box.
  • Click “Start Scan”
  • Open MS Outlook to view the scan log. In “Deleted Items” folder, click “OST Integrity check”.


What If Scanost.exe Doesn’t Work?

The Deleted Items folder also contains the items that cannot be repaired by this tool. If the error cannot be fixed with this tool, it is better to download OST to PST Converter software. It is a simple and easy to use OST to PST Converter that comes with exciting features along with OST to PST conversion. With few clicks, you can convert corrupt OST files into PST files and other formats like Office 365, MSG, EML, PDF, and HTML. You may download free trial version which allows conversion of 20 items in each folder from OST to PST files. You can easily convert all the mailbox items, such as emails, contacts etc. without any error.


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How to Split Oversized yet Heavy PST Files into Small PST Manually

Do you face any kind of issue with MS Outlook files? Because large and oversized PST files are hard to manage and cause troubles in PC performance and corruption issues, it is very important to split these up into several smaller, but manageable parts.

The file size limitation in Outlook PST is a serious matter of discussion for people using Outlook. When the size limit of PST file exceeds, it causes serious trouble related to performance of MS Outlook. Sometimes, PST files often get corrupt due to file size limitation. Hence, things go even worse.  Generally, MS Outlook uses two types of PST files – Unicode and ANSI. In older Outlook versions like 98 to 2002, ANSI PST file can store only around 2 GB of mailbox data. In newer versions, like from 2003 to 2016, Unicode PST file is used that extends the size limit from 20 GB to 50 GB.

If any of these formats exceed the size limit, the risk of corruption is significantly increased. Once PST file is corrupt, it causes serious loss of your important mailbox data, including contacts, emails, appointments, calendars, attachments and tasks. As an Outlook user, you have to ensure that PST files are not oversized.


Why PST File Exceeds Size Limit?

The whole mailbox content is stored in Outlook PST file. You may consider a PST file a jar. The more liquid you add in it, the less empty space is left. This way, the more emails you receive and send, the less the space is left for PST file. Within short time, you end up with no size limit and PST file goes corrupt. Duplicate items also take more space. It is another common reason why PST files exceed size limit so quicker. A duplicate item in Outlook can be anything, such as contact, email message, note etc. Like its original item, the size is also the same. For example, if PST file has up to 100 Outlook items of 100 MB along with duplicates, they will take around 200 MB of space.


To overcome this issue, you have two options. First of all, you can compact the file size in Outlook PST with Compact Now feature in MS Outlook. Next up, you can also split up PST file into several smaller parts to manage them easily. Luckily, you can perform both of these steps manually. You don’t have to use any third-party software.


Step by Step Guide to Split PST Data File Manually:

There are three built-in options in MS Outlook to transfer mailbox items from One PST file to another – Import & Export, Archive and Move to Folder. This way, Archive is the ideal way as it allows users create archive.pst file of the desired folder and subfolders.

  • In Outlook client, choose the desired PST file.
  • Click on File tab and Info. On the drop down menu, select Cleanup Tools
  • From the list, select Archive to open “Archive” dialog box. Check the “Archive this folder and all subfolders’ box.
  • Choose the mailbox folder to archive, such as Inbox. Choose “Archive Items Older Than” and “Browse” to save the new archive.pst file.
  • You can also rename the new archive.pst file. Click OK to proceed
  • You can choose any name to save the new file. It will list the selected location in edit box. Click on “OK” and create new file.


You may now check the new PST file which has all the emails you have got. “Move to Folder” and “Export & Import” are other features to transfer your mailbox items.

If you are still not comfortable with these steps, then i would suggest you to try the Third party Application, there is no technical skill is require to access this application. And you can perform this task in just few minutes. Download the free trial version to get free results.   images


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How to Remove Duplicate Outlook PST Files Manually?

Personal Storage Table (PST) is an Outlook data file that has size limitation which causes serious troubles to the user, i.e. from sluggish performance to corruption in email client. An oversized file is prone to corruption issues. It can slow Outlook client down and cause serious functioning and performance issues. Duplicate emails are the important reason behind excessive file size. Duplicate emails and other data occupy more space in Outlook PST file and it increase the file size. When Outlook data exceeds its file size limit (2 GB in ANSI PST format and 20 to 50 GB in Unicode PST format), Outlook email client works slower.

It causes serious performance issue and things go even worse. Corrupt mailbox may even cause loss of all your mailbox data. To overcome this problem, you have to remove duplicate items from your Outlook PST file to get your PST data manageable and to avoid corruption.

How Duplicate Items Created?

Duplicate items are likely to be anything, including contacts, emails, calendar, task, entry, and note along with attachment. A duplicate item requires actually the same size as the original mailbox item does. Here’s why duplicate items are stored in your mailbox –

  • When you receive several copies of an email over and over again from a recipient. Companies, these days, send same press releases, emails and newsletters etc. for business promotions these days. It forms duplicate items in mailbox.
  • Any interruption in synchronization process also causes duplicate items in data files. If the process goes wrong, duplicate items are likely to be occurred in mailbox.
  • Be sure to disable the “Leave Messages on the Server” option to avoid duplicate entries.
  • Be sure that the Outlook rules configuration is executed well, or you may have duplicate items in your mailbox. Be sure to apply “Move a Copy to” rule only once to a specific email message.
  • Sometimes PST merging also leads to duplication if it is not performed well.


Here’s How to Remove Duplicate PST files manually

When it comes to remove Outlook duplicate files, the manual operation is safe and quick. All you need to go through the following steps to remove duplicates –

  • Open MS Outlook client on your PC. Now you can choose folder to remove duplicate items
  • Go through “Change View” option on View tab
  • Replace ‘folder view’ into ‘table type view’. (On Manage Views… you can see the view mode, i.e. either table view or folder view).
  • Check view type on “Manage All Views” window. This way, you have to use these combinations of fields and views –
    • Contacts and phone list
    • Calendar and appointments
    • Inbox and messages
    • Notes and notes list
    • Journal and entry list
  • Right click column heading, click ‘Field Chooser’ in options
  • Choose the field from ‘Field Chooser
  • Drag down to table heading from Modified field
  • Be sure that duplicate items you have to remove have different date from the original items. Click modified heading to sort down the items.

Now choose the items you have to remove. Then click “Delete” button to remove the items permanently and save up some space.

And another way to Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails by Using Third Party Application.

If you are still not able to use manually process, i would recommend user to use a third party application. For using this application, there no need of any technical skill. This Outlook Duplicate Remover tool, will remove your emails in just few clicks. Just download the Free Trial version to access this application.    images


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