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How to Fix “Runtime Error” in Microsoft Word?

In Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Word is a default word processing tool. It is a word processor which provides a lot of helpful functions to the user that is built from the sets of Visual Basic commands. It enables users to write, edit and remove any text without using a lot of technical knowledge in its functioning. It is known to be the prominent reason behind its popularity.


Due to a runtime error, a program cannot work as expected. It can happen because of any reason, such as errors, loss of data, corruption in the file and features which are not functioning. Hardware or software problems are other common issues. They don’t make Windows to stop functioning and they don’t cause any other problem.


Basically, runtime error indicates that a WLL or DOT file is corrupt in MS World. Such types of files are stored in Startup folder of the program. You can use Word with troubleshooting mode in that case.

  • Click on Start menu and open Run dialog box.
  • Type in “winword/a” command. With this command, Microsoft Word will open in troubleshooting mode.
  • Click OK to open MS Word


Once MS Word is open, next step is to find out whether the issue is caused due to global templates or third-party add-ins. In order to start the process, simply –

  • In “Tools” menu, choose the option “Templates & Add-Ins”.
  • Click on entry to inspect its actual location (basically, it must be in Office Startup folder).
  • Click on “File” menu and click “Exit” option to exit Microsoft Word.
  • Go through the location of the add-in or template and go to Startup folder. Move the entries off the folder for several entries at the time to figure out which module caused the error.
  • Start MS Word normally to find out if it is fixed.


If you cannot find the Startup folder for MS Word, just launch MS word in troubleshoot mode and –

  • Click on “Tools” menu and choose “Options” category.
  • On “File Locations” tab, choose “Startup” folder
  • On “Modify” button, pick your preferred location.
  • Save options and exit MS Office.


As MS Word Runtime Errors are attributed to the template files, there are two different ways to fix the issue –

  • Find out the Normal.DOT file and rename the extension (be sure that the extension is modified, not the file name).
  • Another option is to delete Normal.DOT file completely.
  • Launch MS Word normally. Since global template file is absent, create another MS Word file with its default settings.
  • If this issue is still not fixed with these options, it is better to remove MS Word with Add/Remove Programs, in Control Panel.
  • Restart the system and install MS Word again.


Make sure all the programs with its applications like Outlook, plugins and Internet Explorer are closed before you rename or remove the Normal.DOT file.


Using Word Repair Software

The methods discussed above are based on trial and error to fix the issue. For more accurate and better results, use Word File Repair Software to repair corrupt .docx and .doc files. It is developed with advanced functionality to repair infected or corrupt MS Word files from all the major and minor file corruption.

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Know the Reasons Behind Corruption in External Hard Drive

Your hard drive is supposed to be a very important part of your system. This hardware caters to several storage needs on your system. According to the storage space and computer itself, several types of hard drives are available. But a hard drive is vulnerable to crash anytime, leading to some serious issues. Due to these crashes, an external hard drive may corrupt and result in inaccessibility of your data.  But there are ways to recover the data from your damaged external hard drive.


Operating system crash is another important reason behind the inaccessibility of data. But it is the way too different from hard drive failure. Operating system crashes because of logical failures. On the other side, hard drive crashes because of physical failure. Sometimes you cannot access your data when it is actually stored on hard disk. In that case, it is very vital to recover files from your hard drive.


To find out whether the failure is physical or logical, you have to analyze the error messages and symptoms. For instance, if your system is making grinding or clicking noise and not booting, the crash may occur because of some physical issues. We have pointed out some of the common reasons of external hard drive failure.



Due to the continuous use of your system, the temperature of your hard drive may be soaring high. Overheating is the most common problem caused by inferior quality of cabinet and faulty CPU fans. The fan doesn’t move or moves slowly if it is faulty. It causes unexpected sound of clicking from the system.


Manufacturing Defects:

Some external hard drives are faulty since the time of manufacturing. These hard drives may work abnormally and don’t function at all, after a few days of buying. It happens more often because of improper analyzing and testing on manufacturing process. Due to manufacturing defects, hard drive may become inaccessible and often result in boot failure.


Unexpected System Turn off:

Due to unexpected power cut, system may turn off abnormally if you don’t have UPS. Along with it, fluctuation in power supply and voltage can also lead to serious damage to your hard disk. So, it can be undetectable from the BIOS.


Mechanical Issue:

An external hard drive is manufactured with several mechanical parts. Failure in any mechanical part can lead to abnormal behavior of hard drive. You might face a problem in rotation of spindle motors or clicking sound because of bad sectors.


Data Corruption:

Data is likely to corrupt because of several reasons, such as unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks, power failures etc. Hence, you cannot access any folder or file in your PC.


Drive is Not Recognized:

A computer may not recognize hard drive if it is failed. You cannot boot the system with undetected hard drive, especially if it is primary bootable device. Along with it, you cannot also see the drive letter in the list when looking for the drive.


Inaccessible Data:

It happens more often when hard drive is failed. The file s stored on the system may go inaccessible. In that case, an icon might be seen on the file but you cannot access it.


Folder/Files Don’t Open Quickly:

If it takes more time to open your folders or files than usual, it is the sign of hard drive failure. Due to this extended time to access the folder or file, it might show “Blue Screen of Death”. Slow booting process is another symptom of hard drive failure.


Unwanted Noises:

Unwanted noise from your hard drive also indicates the mechanical failure in the hard drive. It happens when the head of hard drive touches platter. This type of noise indicates that the drive is failing while booting the machine.


Bad Sectors:

If Windows detects any bad sectors present on your hard drive, it’s time to backup your data quickly and replace your hard drive. Windows comes with an integrated tool to check error to scan the drive.


Human Errors:

Any type of mishandling can lead to corruption in hard drive. Basically, mishandling is possible due to any actions like altering the system file and modifying registry files. These activities can make hard drive failed. There are several signs to cause failure in hard drive. These signs can help you against any unexpected data loss by taking proper actions before loss.


Unknown Errors:

There are certain unknown errors that can make your hard drive inaccessible. Some of the errors are –

“H:\ is inaccessible”

“Hard drive is inaccessible. Format it first”

“Type of file system is RAW”


Fixing all of these errors is not possible. But you can, at least, conduct background check and figure out the root cause. This way, you can opt for the relevant solution.


Other Signs

Along with the above possible signs, you also have to look for other possible signs of failure in hard drive. Such as –

  • Incorrect appearance of folder names and file
  • Hard drive crashes every time when booting the Windows
  • Error messages while doing any important activity or moving files
  • Folders and files getting missed
  • Incorrect properties are shown in hard drive, such as available space
  • Showing file results in distorted format


How to Recover Data from Corrupt Hard Drive?

If the external hard drive is corrupt, it doesn’t mean your data is lost forever. Instead, you can recover your data from corrupt hard drive. Be sure that the drive is not used after these incidents. If you keep using the damaged hard drive, it will make things worse and you may not recover the data successfully.


This Hard Drive Data Recovery Software is capable to recover your data from these situations and it can detect these drives to provide data recovery. This tool can easily recover the whole data from inaccessible or damaged hard drive and other media. You may try it before buying. Download Free Trial Version of this program and install on your system. It can show you the issues in its software interface and provide options to recover data. You can see your recoverable data in Free Trial version.

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