How to Fix “Runtime Error” in Microsoft Word?

In Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Word is a default word processing tool. It is a word processor which provides a lot of helpful functions to the user that is built from the sets of Visual Basic commands. It enables users to write, edit and remove any text without using a lot of technical knowledge in its functioning. It is known to be the prominent reason behind its popularity.


Due to a runtime error, a program cannot work as expected. It can happen because of any reason, such as errors, loss of data, corruption in the file and features which are not functioning. Hardware or software problems are other common issues. They don’t make Windows to stop functioning and they don’t cause any other problem.


Basically, runtime error indicates that a WLL or DOT file is corrupt in MS World. Such types of files are stored in Startup folder of the program. You can use Word with troubleshooting mode in that case.

  • Click on Start menu and open Run dialog box.
  • Type in “winword/a” command. With this command, Microsoft Word will open in troubleshooting mode.
  • Click OK to open MS Word


Once MS Word is open, next step is to find out whether the issue is caused due to global templates or third-party add-ins. In order to start the process, simply –

  • In “Tools” menu, choose the option “Templates & Add-Ins”.
  • Click on entry to inspect its actual location (basically, it must be in Office Startup folder).
  • Click on “File” menu and click “Exit” option to exit Microsoft Word.
  • Go through the location of the add-in or template and go to Startup folder. Move the entries off the folder for several entries at the time to figure out which module caused the error.
  • Start MS Word normally to find out if it is fixed.


If you cannot find the Startup folder for MS Word, just launch MS word in troubleshoot mode and –

  • Click on “Tools” menu and choose “Options” category.
  • On “File Locations” tab, choose “Startup” folder
  • On “Modify” button, pick your preferred location.
  • Save options and exit MS Office.


As MS Word Runtime Errors are attributed to the template files, there are two different ways to fix the issue –

  • Find out the Normal.DOT file and rename the extension (be sure that the extension is modified, not the file name).
  • Another option is to delete Normal.DOT file completely.
  • Launch MS Word normally. Since global template file is absent, create another MS Word file with its default settings.
  • If this issue is still not fixed with these options, it is better to remove MS Word with Add/Remove Programs, in Control Panel.
  • Restart the system and install MS Word again.


Make sure all the programs with its applications like Outlook, plugins and Internet Explorer are closed before you rename or remove the Normal.DOT file.


Using Word Repair Software

The methods discussed above are based on trial and error to fix the issue. For more accurate and better results, use Word File Repair Software to repair corrupt .docx and .doc files. It is developed with advanced functionality to repair infected or corrupt MS Word files from all the major and minor file corruption.

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